Pets and Social Media

Social media was invented for pet parents. Okay, maybe not invented. But, if social media needed a poster child for a category of consumers that can leverage these digital channels to the nth degree, pet parents should be at the top of that list. Here’s why:

1. Pet parents never get tired of talking – or writing – about their pets.

2. Pet parents take inordinate amounts of photos and videos of their pets.

3. Pet parents like to share inordinate amounts of photos and videos of their pets.

4. The only people who really care that much about pets are other pet parents.

5. Like the parents of human kids, pet parents rely on each other for recommendations, ideas and solutions.

If you’re a pet company that is not engaging in social media….tsk tsk. You really need to get your furry butts in gear and get into the mix.

For the record, I don’t think every industry can benefit as much from social media as the pet industry.

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