BlogPaws and BlogHer Team up

There is some great news coming out of the blogging community! BlogPaws (of which I’m a co-founder) and BlogHer have joined forces to create a pet blogging network like no other.

Working together, the two media companies will launch a new Pets section on, featuring content and headlines from BlogPaws’ 500 bloggers as well as related writing by BlogHer’s 2,500 bloggers, and their combined audience of more than 26 million monthly readers.

In addition, BlogPaws and BlogHer will create a co-branded, pet advertising channel for the two communities, which serves ads, engages bloggers in marketing campaigns, features sponsored content and more.

What does this mean for a pet brand?

Well for one it’s a testament to the growing influence of pet bloggers on the web. The mom and women blogging community has been increasing for quite a few years now. But until BlogPaws launched in late 2009, there wasn’t any centralized community for those blogging specifically about pets. Now, smart organizations like BlogHer are forming partnerships like this one to cater to the 62% of American households that include pets as part of their family.

Second, it’s safe to assume that the BlogPaws blog readers are primarily pet owners. This offers an extremely targeted marketing opportunity for pet brands to reach millions of consumers while they are reading about – and thinking about – pets.

And, BlogHer reaches 13 million dog owners and 10 million cat owners each month. Bringing pet-related content to this network via BlogPaws creates new opportunities for pet marketers to engage these pet owners.

I’d think this was a match made in Heaven even if I weren’t part of the match!

Let me know if you want to learn more about the many opportunities you have to reach passionate pet owners through this partnership.

Email caroline (at) highpaw (dot) com.