Twitter: What does it take to be successful?

cats on twitterHow many tweets could a kitty cat tweet if a kitty cat could tweet tweets?

In my cat Romeo’s case, 4,338. I guess it would technically be in my case because I tweet for Romeo. Yah, I do.

But before you judge, you should know that @romeothecat has 9,697 followers. That’s a lot to many, paltry to some, but what’s important is that these followers have helped me raise $50K for animal rescues in a little over two years. They have also helped drive tens of thousands of visitors to Romeo’s blog.

And it’s taken 4,338 tweets, give or take a few, to do that.

This got me thinking about what it quantitatively takes to be successful on Twitter. Divided by the 28 months I’ve been tweeting as Romeo, that’s 155 tweets per month, or about 5 tweets per day, every day. All of these are averages, of course, because some days are more active than others.

This has been over two and a half years. I think you can condense this time frame considerably, but you can’t skimp on the number of quality interactions. It takes a lot of work and a lot of tweets to build a community and move the dial but you can do it.

So, when individuals and businesses complain that Twitter “doesn’t work,” I pull out my standard social media success reply: like most things in life, you get out of it what you put into it.

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  1. Just followed you on twitter, now I have to follow Romeo too!
    It does take a lot of time but as you say, social media does work. One has to build trust in the relationship and you’ve clearly done that well. that makes you pawesome and its WAY better than awesome!
    thanks….now how about following me too! @DrDogs247
    it’s a purrfect opportunity

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