Zombies and Crisis Communications

Nothing strikes fear in the heart of a PR or marketing executive like an attack on our brand via social media. Of course, that’s kinda the only way to do it these days, isn’t it?

And it’s awful.

It’s viral, it’s rapid and it stays there forever. No matter how much positive stuff comes afterwards, it’s still out there somewhere, for someone to dig up.

I absolutely loved Dr. V.’s post today on Pawcurious, How the Walking Dead Made me a Better Blogger, that shows an uncanny similarity between incensed, passionate attacks on your brand, business, campaign, company, blog, character, what have you, and, well, zombie attacks.

My favorite excerpt from the post:

Much like actual zombies, internet zombies cannot be reasoned with. They respond to attempts at discourse with teeth and groans. And also like actual zombies, they attack in large numbers. You can pick one off, but 50 more replace them.

If you are in any kind of social media, marketing or PR function, please, please go read Dr. V’s post. Actually, everyone should read it because it offers insight into human nature and how easily it can be for some people to transform into thoughtless, mission-destroy zombies when put into the right environment.

Dr. V. offers some great tips for dealing with these Internet Zombies. And, come to think of it, for dealing with real zombies as well.

Now I know who my first call after the Zombie Apocalypse will be.

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  1. Aw, thank you for the call-out, Caroline! We’re currently in the planning stages for our apocalypse survival plan. I suggested meeting up in Vegas, but only for all the free booze. Other, wiser voices have suggested Texas due to access to ammo.

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