World Cat Day Promotion Ideas

World Cat Day
To this guy, EVERY day is World Cat Day.

World Cat Day comes along in August every year. What do you do to celebrate?

We humans love to rally around events or causes. We love to celebrate our pets. We love to join together and say things like, “HAPPY WORLD CAT DAY!” And we love to spread stuff like this via our social networks.

Ahem. Opportunity?

So, pet brands: what are you going to do to leverage this opportunity? Here are some ideas to get you brainstorming:

1. Make a donation to an organization in honor of World Cat Day – and promote it via your networks.
2. Better yet, ask your customers to submit their nominations for an organization to receive your donation!
3. Have customers upload photos of their cats onto your Facebook page or elsewhere.
4. Create some content (a blog post, maybe?) relating to “Cats Around the World” – traditions, breeds, history, etc. You could have lots of fun with this one! If you make it interesting enough, it might get shared.
5. Get funny and creative. Create a You Tube video of some cats planning to dominate the world on World Cat Day…..
6. Create a Pinterest board about cats or better yet of customers’ cats.
7. Run a contest where customers submit how they’d end this sentence: “If Cats Ruled the World….”
8. Have your design team (if you have one) do a series of images of cats “ruling the world” with funny captions. Share via all social networks. I’d start with Pinterest on that one.
9. Conduct a Twitter party where you ask cat-related trivia questions
10. Depending on what type of business you’re in, consider greeting customers in your store or answering your phone “Happy World Cat Day!”

Okay, now, use these or come up with your own.

Meow for now….