Writing Samples

We love writing about pets! And we’re fortunate to do work for some of the coolest pet outlets on the web. Check out the links below for samples of High Paw founder Caroline Golon’s articles on Vetstreet, Catster and Petfinder. Like what you see? Visit our services page for more information about working together.

Check out some samples from our weekly column about the lengths we go to in order to keep our pets happy and healthy.

The Things We Do For Love: We Treat our Chickens Like Family
The Things We Do For Love: I Happily Cater to My Bunnies!
The Things We Do For Love: We House Sit and Pet Sit for Free
The Things We Do For Love: Keeping Pets Safe After Hurricane Sandy
The Things We Do for Love: I Helped My Dog Lose 75 Pounds
Things We Do for Love: We Stopped at Nothing to Find Our Missing Dog
The Things We Do for Love: We Bought a Motor Home for Our Cat
The Things We Do for Love: I Leave Pages of Details for My Pet sitter
The Things We Do for Love: We Spoil Our Senior Dog

Here are some links to our weekly column featuring cat care, lifestyle and humor topics.

Your Cat’s Butt is His Health Barometer
What Type of Catnip User is Your Cat?
Where Are The Weirdest Places Your Cat Has Peed?
10 Ways to Get Your Cat to Drink More Water
Catster Interviews Colonel Meow — and Emerges Unscathed
It’s Our Cat’s Home, We Just Live in It
How I Raised My Two Daughters to be Cat People
Five Surprising Reasons Your Cat Might Not Be Using the Litter Box

Each week, Romeo the Cat shares some of his infamous “wake up tactics” with Petfinder.com readers. Here are a few of our faves:

Romeo’s Toe Attack Wake up Tactic
Romeo Shares His Hairy Wake up Tactic
Romeo’s High Speed Wake Up Tactic
Romeo’s Pink Nose Wake up Tactic
Romeo’s Pawsome Wake up Tactic
Romeo’s Fuzzy Britches Wake up Tactic
Romeo’s Stealth Hunter Wake up Tactic
Romeo’s Triple S Wake up Tactic

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