Our Pet Sites

High Paw Media produces popular pet web sites, Romeo the Cat, The Happy Litterbox , Daily Nuzzles and, Crayons and Collars, a blog about life with kids and pets.

Our interaction with our readers helps us understand pet parents’ needs and interests and we consistently test, change content and solicit feedback to ensure we give our readers what they’re looking for.

RomeoTheCat.com is a popular blog dedicated to raising money and awareness for animal rescue. Readers enjoy the humorous daily anecdotes and ponderings of life as Romeo the Cat, who has raised $65,000 for animal rescue through blogging and social networking. All sponsorship dollars on Romeo the Cat are donated to various animal rescues and causes throughout the year.

TheHappyLitterbox.com is about all things related to litter boxes. An odd topic, you say? Well, when you consider that litter box issues are one of the top reasons cats are abandoned at shelters you can see what an important topic this is. The site provides solutions and insights from experts, companies and cat parents in order to make every litter box a happy litter box!

Daily Nuzzles is a daily dose of “nuzzles” – humor, sweet stories, fun, giveaways and free ways to help pets. We gather the coolest pet stuff online to share with our readers each day.

Kids and pets are a wonderful – and interesting – combination. When you bring a little human into your pet mix or vice versa, there are lots of things to consider. Crayons & Collars shares information, education, crafts, books and ideas for how to enjoy life with kids and pets to its fullest.

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